Big Bad Buddy Bird is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy, fed up with getting hit with pies on the farm, gets a job with the Buddy Bears, which he assumes will work in his favor.


After getting hit with too many pies in the face since it is "National Don't Mention Meat or Someone Will Hit You With a Banana Cream Pie Day", Roy quits U.S. Acres to find a show where his acting can be appreciated. He asks his agent, Bernie, for a job on another show. He is given a position on "The Buddy Bears Show". After asking the Buddy Bears if they plan to hit him with pies, the bears reassure Roy that they will do no such thing, as it is not considered educational. Roy feels he has made the right choice.

Roy is given the role of "Big Bad Buddy Bird", who acts as an antagonist to the bears' message of group harmony: always agree with the group and "never have an opinion of your own". In each scene, the Buddy Bears vote do the exact same thing, while Roy says he wants to do something else, resulting in 16-ton safes falling on him. Roy begs the bears not to drop a safe on him in the next scene, to which the bears agree. In the last scene, they drop two safes on him instead.

Having enough of the bears' antics, Roy (now completely injured and dressed in bandages) stops the beginning of another scene. He tells the audience not to listen to the bears and to think for themselves. The bears then go after Roy, resulting in a fight. Roy runs out of the station and back to the farm, where Orson gives him his old job back.


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  • This is the Buddy Bears' first appearances in a U.S. Acres segment.
  • Mark Evanier has stated that this episode drew the ire of the Standards and Practices department of another network. This was due to the episode's criticism of "pro-social" values that animated shows were forced to promote then.[1]

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