Mrs. Betty Wilson is Liz's mother. She has so far only appeared on The Garfield Show although she has been mentioned in the comics.


When she first appeared, Betty was shown to own a canary named Petey (who was the bane of her her husband's existence for years). Garfield attempted to eat him several times, but soon Petey managed to escape, claiming that Betty had smothered him ever since she took him in. This left Betty devastated, and she became angry with Garfield afterwards (despite Garfield doing nothing wrong). This made Mr. Wilson thrilled, because he could not stand Petey.

In her next appearance, when Betty found out about the stray animals living in the old railway station, she decided to adopt a canary called Nick who was living there, renaming him Petey 2. After this, she was no longer angry with Garfield.


The Garfield Show

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  • May 10th, 2010 (off-panel)


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