Best of Breed is the first segment from the eleventh episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield enters a talent show in response to the number of awards Nermal has won.


Jon prepares a package for his parents, consisting of things that he no longer needs. Garfield gives him a few items, as well as Nermal and Odie. Jon stops when he notices Nermal. With Nermal staying, Garfield wonders "what good is it" that he can make people adore him. Nermal then shows him his ribbons that he has won in the cat show. He then announces his intent to win more awards in tomorrow's cat show. Garfield, who considers joining the competition, seeks Jon's opinion. Jon laughs at the proposition, offending Garfield. After seeing how much he wants to participate, lets Garfield enter.

The next day, during the cat show, the judge announces the preliminary screening. While waiting, Garfield, who is #13, is questioned by an opponent. The judge then announces the cats who have been eliminated, which initially includes #13, much to Garfield's outrage. The judge corrects himself, noting that #13 and #5 have made it to the finals. Garfield is delighted by the news, although his enthusiasm is reduced when he finds out that he is competing against Nermal.

The first of three events in the finals is the talent competition. Garfield performs with a musical act, which receives limited applause. Nermal follows by simply playing with a ball of yarn. The audience reacts enthusiastically, while Garfield is disgusted with the act.

The second event involves obedience. Garfield is given several commands, all of which he follows, resulting in applause and exhaustion. Before Nermal's turn, Garfield makes up a list of commands that he secretly gives to the judge. Nermal manages to perform all of the commands, most of which are highly unusual. Seeing that "drastic action" is needed, Garfield heads to a hobby shop.

The third event is a demonstration of skill. Garfield finishes building a model hot air balloon, then sends it outside via remote control. He is given enormous applause. The judge then calls for Nermal. When Nermal is not found, he becomes disqualified, automatically making Garfield the winner. Jon congratulates Garfield on his victory, then wonders about Nermal's whereabouts. Garfield acts oblivious to the question.

Meanwhile, the balloon model continues flying through the city. Nermal, who is inside the model (under the impression that it is a dressing room), wonders if it is time to go on the show.


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  • Garfield shows Jon an issue of the Muncie Messenger to inform him about the cat show.
  • The Klopman Diamond is featured during Nermal's obedience demonstration.


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