Bertha was an obese woman Jon Arbuckle's dated in March of 1987. She originally called Jon as a wrong number, so Jon asked for a date. She seems to like Garfield and suggested to Jon to put some meat on his bones. She likes her steak rare and says, "Just run the steer by the table and I'll grab off a hunk!" She makes other appearance like at parties Jon goes to or a regular place like a laundromat. An other time she reappeared was in January 12 2003, where she met Jon and Garfield on a supermarket, but she had lost 200 pounds. Unlike most women who Jon tried to call by phone, Bertha very much enjoyed going on a date with Jon.

In the June 7, 1990 strip Bertha is seen seated in the backround next to Liz and Jon´s table eating a turkey leg. Bertha was also seen on February 12, 1989 at Jon's party. Bertha appeared talking to Jon in 2003 after losing 200 pounds.


Bertha's first appearance, 1987

Bertha 2003

Bertha's last appearance, 2003


  • Before Jon and Liz started dating, Bertha was one of the few women that Jon dated who actually liked him.
  • She and Garfield seem to have a similar sense of humor.
  • Garfield liked her due to her comments of him looking thin.