Ben Hog is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


On the day of the County Fair parade, Orson dreams he is in Ben Hog's chariot race.


The animals want to go to the state fair, while Orson tells them that the farmer will be taking the pulling team and some of the crops as usual. The only thing they can do is watch the parade as it passes by the farm. Orson stays behind to watch the harvest. As he goes to do so, his brothers distract him with a book of Ben-Hur so they can sneak in and get the harvest. They drop the book while traveling at highspeed on a horse buggy. Orson picks up the book and starts reading it. This leads to a fantasy sequence.

Ben Hog is preparing for the big chariot race against his brothers as the odds are in favor against him. He vows to win the race to restore his honor for them falsely accusing him for crimes against the empire, where he was a general ship slave rowing endlessly until he miraculously sailed back, and he will do it for no mere riches.

As he makes his way to the coliseum, a song in honor of Ben Hog plays. He arrives at the coliseum where he is met with praise and his brothers with haze. During the race, his brothers cheat and knock him out of the race, ending the sequence.

Orson comes to, albeit still apparently acting out his fantasy. He gets onto the pulling team's carriage and races his brothers down the parade route while the other animals watch. His brothers' horse goes crazy and takes off with them losing control. Because they thought the cart was a float, Orson won the blue ribbon for the best float in the parade.


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