Bella Bellissima (voiced by Laraine Newman) is a character and an Italian opera singer in the 4-part episode Little Trouble in Big China.

Bellissima's goal is to get the largest diamond to create her own opera house (but when she saw the other riches, she wanted to build a few more).

Physical Appearance


Bella has buttermilk colored hair and eyelashes, wine colored eye shadow, dark baby pink blush and ruby colored lipstick. She also has a beauty mark and cider colored earrings.


She wears a watermelon colored shirt beneath her obsidian jacket dress with eggplant colored details and belt. The jacket dress also has a mustard colored buckle. Bellissima also has eggplant colored boots. At the top of the boots, there are periwinkle colored tops and egg nog colored heels.


Bellissima seems to be narcissistic since she planned to make an opera house in the shape of her head. She is also dedicated shown as that she would go to long lengths just to get to the treasure of Fucanglong.


The Garfield Show

Season 3


  • The Opera house she wants to build resembles her head.
  • Voldo reveals that the people wouldn't let her sing in The Metropolitan Opera House.
  • In Italian, her first name, Bella, translates to gorgeous while her surname, Bellissima, is the feminine superlative of her first name.


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