Bedtime Story Blues is the second segment from the seventy-first episode of Garfield and Friends.


Orson reads Cinderella to Booker and Sheldon, who keep making changes to the story, much to Orson's dismay.


Orson comes in to say goodnight to Booker and Sheldon. Unable to sleep, they want a bedtime story. Orson checks the bookshelf to see what he could tell them. The chicks shoot down each book he suggests, as he has already read it to them. The only book left is Cinderella. The chicks are not fond of the story because they think it is for girls, Orson insists on telling it to them nonetheless.

As Orson begins to read the story, the chicks want the main character to be a boy, and Orson to be the star. Instead of a cottage, they want Cinderella to work in a pet shop. So, Orson changes the setting to a pet shop. And the evil stepsisters (played by Orson's brothers) are turned into ninjas. The royal messenger (played by Roy) becomes a rapper.

As Orson is forced to work at the pet shop by the step ninjas, the fairy godmother (played by Wade) is turned into the richest man in the world and gives Orson a snazzy outfit and car for the ball. The castle is also turned into a night club. When Orson meets the princess, the chicks try to change her as well, with their attempts negated by Orson. When they get to the point where it reaches midnight, the chicks throw in a big bad wolf, an earthquake, dinosaurs, and a planetary collision with Jupiter.

Fed up with all of the changes the chicks have made to the story, Orson takes a deep breath and super quickly tells the story the way it is supposed to be told and tells them to go to sleep. After he leaves, they thought the story was too fast and needed more ninjas.


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