Beddy Buy is the third segment from the forty-ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield seeks a new bed after breaking his old one.


Jon chases Garfield for carrying a large amount of food, which is Garfield's idea of a light snack ("a big snack includes soup"). Jon tackles Garfield, causing all of the food to fly into the air. Garfield manages to catch almost all of food and then let them fall into his mouth.

A ham, the only food item he missed, lands on his head, resulting in him breaking his bed after falling on it. He is initially sad, reminiscing on all the times he was in bed, especially the holidays. He eventually gets over it and agrees to go shopping for a new bed.

At the mall, Jon and Garfield look for a pet bed. Garfield tries out various beds, most of which he finds uncomfortable. He warms up to a water bed up until he claws it and ruins it. Exhausted, he collapses, with Jon asking if there are any more beds. The clerk then shows the Catnap VII, a bed with a claws massager, a lasagna snack dispenser, and a snooze alarm. Garfield tears up, thinking "it's the most beautiful thing [he's] ever seen in [his] life". Jon is terrified by the expensive price; he ultimately gets it due to Garfield's desire.

At home, Jon expects Garfield to appreciate the new bed and its cost. Garfield claims that he does, noting that he does not sleep just anywhere. After Jon takes the bed out of the box, Garfield falls asleep in the box instead. Initially astounded, Jon manages to fit himself inside the real bed to keep it from going to waste.


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Cultural References

  • After getting hit by the ham, Garfield states "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope", a line from Star Wars.
  • A "MasherCard" is seen during the song sequence, a parody of MasterCard.


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