Barn of Fear II is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


The animals have a harvest party in honor of their ancestors.


Orson tells the story about how the farm animals' ancestors colonized and built the original barn, bringing the farm to life; they had a party in celebration of their first harvest. They decide to have a party in honor of that and look for costumes in the original barn, much to Wade's fear; Wade believes the old barn is haunted by the ghosts of their ancestors. Orson assures him by singing that there are no such things as ghosts.

After the song ends, they get their costumes to look just like their ancestors. As they leave, Orson's brothers overhear their party plans and decide to crash it so they can steal the harvest. The ghosts of the animals' ancestors overhear the brothers' attack and need to stop them.

The party begins and Orson orders Wade to guard the harvest. As Wade stands guard, the ghost of his ancestor appears, and the two of them yelp in fear. Orson's brothers invade the barn to take the crops. The ghosts then attack them and scare them away. The ghosts then leave due to the new barn being too modern for them.

The other animals are tired of dancing and go to sample some of the crops while finding Wade still petrified from what he saw. They still do not believe in ghosts, much to the disappointment of their ancestors.


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  • Booker's ancestor was white at the end of the episode.
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