Banana Nose is the second segment from the third episode of Garfield and Friends.


Roy becomes upset when the other farm animals, following his latest prank, call him "Banana Nose".


Orson tells a pirate story to Wade. Roy, who overhears the story, is inspired to pull a trick by disguising himself as a pirate. When Orson and Wade see the "pirate", they run off in a panic, causing chaos throughout the farm. Orson eventually realizes that the "pirate" was just Roy.

Roy is then confronted by the other farm animals over his latest prank. When he asks them if they can take a joke, Lanolin proceeds to call him "Banana Nose", humoring everyone except Roy, who dislikes the name. When the others leave, Roy pretends not to be bothered by the name, only for it to give him a hard time sleeping that night.

When a tired Roy passes by the chicks, Booker calls him Banana Nose, while Sheldon questions doing so. Booker and Sheldon then go on a worm hunt in the woods. After finishing his peanut butter and pickle sandwich, Booker chases after a worm. He soon falls into a hole, with Sheldon wondering where he went.

Orson goes to Roy's house to tell him that he has reconsidered letting others call him Banana Nose. He instead finds a note from Roy announcing his departure from the farm. Bo, Lanolin and Wade are delighted to hear the news, due to Roy's antics, until Orson points out that they are acting like Roy. Sheldon then arrives to announce Booker's disappearance, prompting everyone to search the countryside for both.

Roy, sitting on a rock near the woods, talks to his nose, proclaiming that he does not think it resembles a banana. He then looks for somewhere else to stay. Getting hungry, he starts smelling peanut butter and pickles, leading him to the hole where Booker fell. He rescues Booker with a vine just as the others find them. They learn that Roy found Booker by smelling what he had for lunch. Roy concludes that his "banana nose" is worth having.

A song is then played about how "everyone has something strange about them", which makes everyone special.


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  • This episode marks a rare instance where Lanolin agrees with Bo.

Cultural References

  • The costumes in Roy's costume chest include a cowboy suit, the Loch Ness monster, Merv Griffin, the Queen of Sheba, a cheeseburger, and a chicken suit.
  • During Wade's panic caused by the "pirate", he requests help from Peter Pan.
  • During the song, Wade is described as having toes that resemble Indiana, while Bo is portrayed with ears "bigger than Montana". In the former scene, Wade's foot turns into the state, including a capital marker for Indianapolis.


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