Badtime Story is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


When Orson gets sick, the other animals try to read Booker and Sheldon the story of Chicken Licken.


Orson gets sick one night and has to be bedridden until he gets better. He was going to read the story of Chicken Licken to Booker and Sheldon, with his illness preventing him from doing so. The other animals plan to read the story to the chicks.

First, Bo tries to read to the chicks and the story begins with Chicken Licken (whose world is merely a TV set in a studio) when something hits her on the head. When she comes to, she believes the sky is falling and tells Cocky Locky (played by Roy).

Lanolin interrupts and tells Bo she is taking over. She continues where Bo left off and she tells Cocky Locky about the sky and they run into Ducky Lucky (played by Wade) and tell him about the sky.

Roy then impersonates a messenger saying that Lanolin has a phone call. As soon as she leaves, Roy continues where Lanolin left off and Chicken Licken's gang meets up with Piggy Wiggy (played by Orson).

Each time they are informed about the sky falling, their reaction is the same: "All this tampering with the ozone layer."

Wade comes in and tells Roy that his favorite show (the one they star in) is on, and Roy runs off to watch it. Wade continues where Roy left off and goes into a long stream of characters all with names that rhyme to almost no end. Booker and Sheldon also have trouble following what is going on.

Meanwhile, Lanolin finds out there was no call for her and Roy realizes Garfield's show is not on as it is not Saturday morning.

All of the storytellers argue over who should finish, which disrupts Orson's rest. They all try to finish the story together only to find out that the story put the chicks to sleep. The others apologize to Orson for disturbing him, and he lets them help him get back to sleep by telling him the story, which they do by taking turns.



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