Bad Neighbor Policy is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Irving Burnside goes into court to complain about Garfield's constant antics and ends up going mad after seeing Garfield's faces.


At the local courthouse, Irving Burnside is called in to present a case. He insists that the crimes that he has been charged for were Garfield's responsibility.

The first story brought up is how Garfield stole his grill to eat his burgers and send him careening down the street on his grill. Next came the time Garfield impersonated a kid trick-or-treating until he got the dinner his wife made, in the middle of April. There was also the time when he went out to pick up a pizza and Garfield redid his house's door and address numbers, took his pizza while he was not looking, and sent him on a wild goose chase home.

He eventually started chasing Jon for what Garfield did until Jon paid him enough money to go out to dinner with his wife. There, Garfield took his dinner while dressed as a violinist. This caused him to snap and start seeing Garfield everywhere and everyone as him, leading him to where he is now. Then, the judge, now looking like Garfield, sentences him for life for not giving Garfield all of his food. As he is taken to jail, he sees Garfield everywhere and is thrown in the slammer.

Irving, in bed, is woken up by his wife, making him realize he was having a nightmare. When he thinks everything is okay, he sees his wife with Garfield's face, asking him if he wants lasagna. This makes him run away in horror, with his wife having second thoughts about marrying him.


Main Characters

Major Characters

  • Judge (voiced by June Foray)
  • Irving's wife (voiced by June Foray)

Minor Characters

Garfield and Friends
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