Back Together is a song Orson sings, when the other farm animals have complications when sharing in Goody-Go-Round. Music and lyrics were provided by Thom Huge and Jon Barnard.


Orson Pig

Let's get back together,
Put these arguments to an e-end,
Booker's not a half pint,
He's at least a pint, my friend,
Roy's more than a feather duster,
But not as smart as a pig,
Lanolin's not obnoxious,
It's just that her mouth is so big,
Bo, you're better than a cotton swab,
Even if you are a nerd,
Wade's not a coward, except for the fact,
That he's afraid of a cotton cheese curd,
Sheldon's not a rotten egg,
Maybe just soft boiled,
Let's take everything back we said,
And not let our friendship be spoiled...

Bo, Booker, Lanolin, Roy, Wade

And we don't mean to call you fat!

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