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Aunt Prunella (voiced by June Foray) is one of Jon's aunts and also one of Mrs. Arbuckle's sisters-in-law (along with Aunt Gussie and Aunt Ivy). She became so demanding that Garfield compared her to himself.

Physical Appearance

Prunella has curly brown hair and singular eyelashes on both her eyes. She has an overweight figure, and wears a red dress, a magenta jacket, blue high heels, and blue beads, worn on her neck.


She has been shown to be obnoxious, ordering her nephew to do multiple tasks, as well as complaining about menial things around Jon's house. She has also been shown to have taken a liking to Garfield after he tried to get her out of the house. She also mentions to have a strong fear of mice and leaves the residence once Floyd chases her out.


The Floyd Story

Aunt Prunella came to visit Jon one day. Having arrived, she immediately took advantage of Jon by making him carry her luggage and get her a place to sit. Later on, she keeps complaining about the food Jon had at his house, including cookies and the dinner.

When Prunella criticizes Jon's job as a cartoonist, he reaches the breaking point and asks Garfield to make her abandon their home. Garfield's attempts at repelling her do not work as intended - she condones Garfield eating her cake, bagpipe music (where she reveals her Scottish roots) mud fighting (as a mean of beauty care).

The presence of Floyd immediately scares Prunella, who is bothered by mice, causing her to leave the house in a hurry.


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