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Aunt Gussie is Jon Arbuckle's aunt, who appeared in some strips from 1981 and 1983. At first Garfield didn't like her because she was old and kind, but eventually started to like her after she insulted him.

Aunt Gussie 1981.gif

Aunt Gussie's first appearance, 1981


  • She has a crush on John Travolta---which Jon says that she should get over, as he claims that John Travolta is young enough to be her grandson when he told her this Aunt Gussie yelled: "Don't tell that to my computer dating service".
  • Garfield often cracks the joke that she used to "double date with Lizzie Borden".
  • Originally Aunt Gussie and Jon's grandmother looked very similar, the only difference was that Aunt Gussie's hair was gray and Grandma Arbuckle's hair was white, so they could be depicted as a generation apart.
  • Garfield said that Aunt Gussie was kicked out from the Marines for unnecessary roughness.