Attention-Getting Garfield is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


After Odie becomes popular, Garfield tries to regain public attention.


Garfield wakes up one day to go out the front door and greet the world. When he gets no attention, he leaves; when Odie walks out, he gets plenty of attention. He also finds out that Jon is paying more attention to Odie than he is to him (even going as far as shoving Garfield's bed into the cellar to make room for Odie's without second thought). Just then, Garfield encounters Floyd, who was busy setting up his new mouse hole. The cat manages to get his attention and tells him that he is being ignored lately, which Floyd dismisses. When they turn on the TV the two see that Odie has gotten his own TV show (Odie and Friends) making Garfield even more jealous.

Floyd then says that a lot of people like dogs and it is normal. Garfield is determined to get his attention back and Floyd decides to help him be a household word. For a while Garfield tries to get Jon's attention from pretending to be a mouse, playing dead and asking directions. All of them fail and all Odie did to get Jon's attention was cough.

As Floyd ponders how to make Garfield popular, he decides to take advantage of not being noticed by harassing the neighbors. They range from stealing hamburgers and pies and even hijacking an ice cream truck. By then end Garfield is lying in the backyard surprised that no one noticed him. Just then Jon arrives with a lasagna and says he has not been paying attention to Garfield lately and made the lasagna as a apology. Garfield, still full from the harassing, is not interested. Jon, thinking Garfield is sick, decides to take him to the vet, much to Garfield's horror.

The neighbors Garfield harassed arrive in the form of an angry mob; Garfield takes this advantage to run. By nightfall, Jon and the mob of people are still looking for Garfield while he and Floyd are hiding in a trash can. Floyd tells Garfield that he is now a household word; Garfield adds that garbage is as well. The two then share some food in the trash while the mob continues to look for them.


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