Arbuckle the Invincible is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


An alien deflector lands in Jon's pocket, making him invincible.


In space, an alien duo try to go to Earth to bring back a cheeseburger for their leader. Due to a meteor shower, they activate a meteor deflector invisible force field to pass through safely. When they deem it safe, the deflector is turned off, only for another meteor to hit the deflector, knocking it off the ship.

Meanwhile on Earth, Jon is trying to clean the roof and put up a new antenna so he can see the new football game. Garfield, lying down on a lawn chair, waits for Jon to fall off the roof; Odie joins him. The alien deflector lands in Jon's pocket, causing Jon to fall off the roof. Garfield and Odie anticipate Jon getting hurt, only for the deflector to protect him upon landing.

Realizing that he is indestructible, Jon goes to a talent agency and shows off his newfound powers to an agent. The agent tries using a baseball bat and a ten ton safe, neither of which harm Jon. Jon's first gig is to be tied to railroad tracks and get hit by a train, which will earn him a million dollars. Jon changes his clothes, leaving behind the deflector, and goes off to win the million dollars.

The aliens arrive and search for the deflector. When they find it, Garfield and Odie realize it was the deflector that made Jon indestructible. After the aliens leave, Garfield and Odie realize that Jon is in danger with the deflector no longer in his possession; they head to the railroad tracks to rescue Jon.

Jon notices his newfound power is gone when he feels pain from a pen whilst signing autographs. Unable to back out, he is forced into performing the stunt. When he and Odie are unable to save Jon, Garfield decides to go to a burger stand. They then encounter the aliens, who, grateful for getting the deflector back, get Jon freed, allowing him to escape just in time. Jon is enthralled with surviving the stunt, albeit disappointed with not getting the money. When asked if he would like to be indestructible, Garfield says that he would prefer if his stomach were whilst eating burgers.


Main Characters

Major Characters

  • Agent (voiced by Greg Berg)

Minor Characters

  • Woman
  • Newscaster (voiced by Greg Berg)
  • Audience
  • Stage Hands


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