Angie (voiced by Misty Lee) is a tour guide, first seen helping Jon Arbuckle, Garfield, and Odie find Lyman. In season 4, she helps Garfield, Jon, Odie, Liz and Armstrong with saving the Manzian White Lion family.

Physical Appearance

Angie has ginger hair with lightly toned pink lipstick. She wears a ranger uniform. The ranger uniform consists of: A yellow shirt, with brown buttons, a black belt, a very light yellowed pair of pants and socks. She also has a dark brown boots, hat and gloves.


Angie is a nice person to her friends and animals. She seems to be in love with Jon, even though he already has a girlfriend. She later gets over her feelings for Jon when she sees that he truly loves Liz and vice versa. She hates poachers and does everything in her power to stop them from disrupting the natural order.


Long Lost Lyman

Long Lost Lyman Part 2

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Long Lost Lyman Part 3

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Long Lost Lyman Part 4

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Lion Queen

Lion Queen: Zoo Melody

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Lion Queen: Welcome to Africa

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Lion Queen: Life Outside

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Lion Queen: King of Cats

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Lion Queen: Open the Cages

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Glitter Gulch

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The Garfield Show

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Season 4

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