Angel Puss is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


A cat angel must go on a mission involving Garfield in order to get his harp.


High up in cat heaven, a row of angels has gathered to hear a briefing from their commander-in-chief. He reports that all angels are doing well except for one in particular: the one wearing glasses. He has not succeeded in a single mission, and for that, he has been denied a harp. He can only get it if he clears his next mission. Unfortunately for him, his next assignment is Garfield.

Before Jon leaves the house, he warns Garfield not to torture Odie while he is gone. After that, Garfield kicks Odie off the table in the form of Russian dance. The angel begins his mission by getting Odie a snack. He uses his powers to bring the food Garfield is about to feast on to Odie. After that, Odie is watching TV about the history of dogs when Garfield launches him off the chair. The angel gives Odie the seat in the chair back.

A befuddled Garfield wonders why he has not been able to torment Odie until he spots Odie on the table. Garfield prepares to kick Odie off it again. The angel saves Odie by getting him out of the way, causing Garfield falls off. Garfield starts to have a breakdown over his lack of success, believing he has lost his touch. The angel thinks he has finally done something right when the commander checks on his work. The commander tells him that his mission was to make Garfield and Odie friends, not to scare Garfield. This causes the angel to believe he has failed once again.

Odie sees Garfield in his condition and gives him some lasagna to cheer him up. When that does not work, he offers Garfield to kick him off the table. He doubtful that it will work until Odie encourages him with a little taunting. Garfield does it, and the two of them are happy together. Jon comes home and is surprised to see the two of them getting along. Garfield vows not to do anything mean to Odie for a while, and the angel finally gets his harp.


Main characters

Minor characters

  • Angels
  • Angel commander


  • The Angel commander is wearing E-5 Sergeant rank insignia on his robe's sleeves.
  • While kicking Odie off the table for the first time in the episode, Garfield is wearing a red coat and a Don-Cossack-style papakha hat.

Garfield wearing the papakha hat.


In the US Armed forces, sergeants normally lead a team of four soldiers in combat and commander-in-chief position is reserved for general rank.

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