Angel was a cat who was once adopted by Jon Arbuckle, pretending to be a kitten in order to mooch off of innocent humans.

Physical Appearance

Angel is a small snow-colored cat with a dark green collar. He has blue eyes and eyelashes. Despite his kitten-like appearance, he is actually older than Garfield. Angel looks like Nermal but he is snow white.


Angel is aggressive, deceiving, and cruel, getting pleasure out of getting Garfield in trouble. He wanted to mooch off of Jon and get away with it by feigning cuteness. He destroyed the house's living room and ate all the food, including Jon's chocolate cake, which were both blamed on Garfield. Garfield then tricked Angel into going to Al the dogcatcher's house and getting caught by Al. 


The Garfield Show

Season 3


  • Angel apparently shaves to keep up his kitten-like appearance.
  • Angel and Nermal share the same appearance but Nemal is grey while Angel is white.
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