An Egg-Citing Story is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson tells the story of when Sheldon was born.


After working on the tractor, Orson gets ready to bathe in his waller. He dives into the waller to find that the mud has been replaced with the cast's fan mail. One letter in particular asks about Sheldon, prompting Orson to tell the story of how he came to be.

Back when the two of them were still eggs, their mother abandoned them, so Orson took over. He sat on them for a long time until they hatched. Eventually they did. One of them ended up staying in his egg.

Being an egg was not perfect for Sheldon. Some of the other chicks did not want to play with him because of how he looked, compelling him to leave. The weasel, who was in the farmyard, kidnapped the other chicks, leaving Sheldon to save them from him. The chicks then showed more respect to Sheldon and never make fun of him again.

Done with Sheldon's origin story, Orson heads back to the tractor to finish fixing it. He then finds out that Roy and Wade put his mud in the tool shed.


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  • The scene where Booker and Sheldon, as eggs, wonder what kind of animals they are is adapted from the May 7, 1986 U.S. Acres strip. 
  • The scene where Booker first hatches out of his egg and hugs Orson is also adapted from the May 22, 1986 strip. 

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