Aloysius Pig is a busybody pig in Garfield and Friends.


Aloysius bean-counts and nitpicks every detail, looking for anything that he might consider to be the least bit objectionable or cutting out anything that would be slightly considered over the show's budget or for something he just dislikes. He is also critical at those who make any objections to his actions (such as Wade asking him why he was put in charge of the farm or Orson trying to explain a story to him). This comes to the annoyance of the rest of the cast). His catchphrase is "That's not right!" As a result, everybody on the farm plots to get rid of him.


Season 7


  • His catchphrase is derived from his voice actor, Kevin Meaney.
  • In each episode he appears in, the gang gets revenge on Aloysius by doing something to him.
    • In Temp Trouble, they called his mom on the phone to pick him up and tell him to clean his room.
    • In The Discount of Monte Cristo, the gang tells a story where he is on a deserted island and he is left stranded there because everyone was fired.
    • In Kiddie Korner, Aloysius is asked to sing a nursery rhyme about himself. All is fine until he realizes the gang will throw pies at him, so he runs from the studio.
  • Aloysius was to have appeared in a fourth episode, which never got produced.


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