Alley Katta and the 40 Thieves is the first segment from the one hundred and eighteenth episode of Garfield and Friends.


The Sultan of a local kingdom appoints an artisan and his cat to get rid of the thieves robbing his village.


A village in the heart of Persia has been experiencing trouble with bandits, thieves, and robbers. As the thieves steal from the citizens, the people turn to their Sultan, who reassures them that nothing more will be stolen, only to find that someone has stolen his pants. In the market square, a young artisan goes back home to his cat, Alley Katta, after having his pots and stand stolen. The artisan claims that he needs gold before Alley Katta shows him a ripped newspaper article that reads about a job from the Sultan. The monarch asks for "one of great courage", and the Young Artisan takes it.

The Young Artisan appears before the Sultan and calls him an honorary name, which leads to the Sultan claiming he does not need to be called with his official title before he gives a list of names he can be called. The Artisan then asks him for a job, to which the Sultan shows him the band of thieves stealing from everyone. The Sultan's job is to find their hideout, which the Artisan accepts.

The Artisan, the Sultan, and Alley Katta arrive in the countryside where the thieves are said to inhabit. The Sultan tells the Artisan that he was formerly the richest man. After the Sultan's horse is stolen, the Sultan tells the Artisan about the names again. Alley Katta then goes into a clearing to eat his last food; a slice of pizza. A thief steals the pizza and is chased around by Alley Katta. Minutes afterward, the thief assumes he is alone and opens a giant rock with the words: "Open Sesame", all while unaware of Alley Katta.

Alley Katta opens the rock with the cat version of "Open Sesame", where he finds tons of riches. He goes back to the artisan and sultan, and shows them the rock and riches inside. They remove all riches and in the morning, catch all forty thieves by leaving open cages inside the rock. The Sultan promises the Artisan and Alley Katta a reward before he, again, tells them the names he can be called, prompting them to lock him in the rock.


Main Characters

Major Characters

  • The Thieves (voiced by ?)

Minor Characters

  • The Town's People
  • Town Guards


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