Al Swindler is a businessman/salesman and con artist who constantly swindles Jon Arbuckle, but is always outsmarted by Garfield. He always says Jon's last name wrong, like "Mr. Arberkle" and "Mr. Arborday".

Physical Appearance

Al has black hair and a large nose. He frequently changes his suit as shown in all his appearances.


He is a con artist just like Madman Murray who cons people (mostly Jon) out of their money.


Garfield and Friends

Season 2

Season 3

Season 5


  • He is given the name Al J. Swindler in his first appearance, then Al G. Swindler later on.
  • Garfield remembers Swindler for his nose, as Garfield has compared its size with a zeppelin.


The gallery for Al Swindler can be seen here.


It's hard to make an honest buck these days!
— Al Swindler
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