Airborne Odie is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Odie finds a magic lamp and gains the ability to fly.


A narrator tells a story about Odie, which "maybe" occurred "a week ago Thursday". It starts with Odie standing on the table, with Garfield, dressed as Santa Claus, arriving. He says that he knows what Odie wants- to be kicked off the table; for that, he gives Odie his "present". What Odie wanted most was to be able to fly like a bird. He tried in vain many times, getting off the ground for a second before falling. The other dogs laugh at him for trying to follow his dream.

One day, at the beach, Odie walks into a seaside cave and digs around. Garfield follows him and Odie finds a magic lamp. Garfield tries to rub the lamp to get his three wishes; when nothing happens, he leaves the cave. The narrator notes that this lamp activates from licking instead of rubbing. Odie licks it and a genie (who is the narrator) comes out. The genie offers Odie three wishes. Since Odie only wishes to fly, the genie gives Odie three attempts at it for his wishes. The first flight is hard to control, as there is little to no room in the cave.

Garfield is napping on a piece of driftwood when Odie takes off out of the cave on his second flight. The tide comes in and takes Garfield out to sea. Odie enjoys flying through the air and makes it back to the cave, where the genie tells him to use his third and final flight wisely before going back into his lamp. Odie finds Jon panicking over Garfield's predicament, especially when a shark arrives. Jon goes to get the lifeguard and Odie uses his final flight to save Garfield. Jon does not know how Garfield got back while Odie explains to Garfield about the genie and the flights. Garfield, touched by Odie's gesture, vows not to do anything to Odie again for a while.

Jon was still unable figure out how Garfield was saved, Garfield was nice to Odie for a week, and Odie ignored the other dogs' teasing, since he was able to live out his dream.


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Cultural References

  • When Odie flies with the geese, the geese honk "Shave and a Haircut", with Odie barking the "two bits" part.

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