Not to be confused with Abu Dhabi, the place.

Abu Dhabi is a song sung by Garfield in the Garfield and Friends episode First Class Feline. Music and lyrics were provided by Desiree Goyette and Ed Bogas.



Abu Dhabi, it's far away,
Abu Dhabi, that's where you'll stay,
Abu Dhabi, the place to be,
For any kitten who's annoying me,

Abu Dhabi, way off the track,
Abu Dhabi, now don't come back,
Abu Dhabi, what a great thrill,
For any kitten who can make me ill.

Now some take a train,
And some take a plane,
But I am sending you,
Not by a boat,
Or even a goat,
But in a box marked "Postage Due".

Abu Dhabi, you're what they lack,
Abu Dhabi, now you're all packed,
Abu Dhabi, a far commute,
For any kitten who is TOO DARN CUTE!!!

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