Abnermal is the Pet Force counterpart of Nermal.


Abnermal's abilities include his Pester Power, creating forcefields, and the ability to freeze anything he touches, as well as being able to shoot ice blasts. In the film adaptation of Pet Force, he has super speed

Physical Appearance

Abnermal is a grey tabby cat with big eyelashes. Additionally, he wears a blue headband, blue boots and gloves, a blue cape, and a purple shirt & pants with a yellow lightning bolt on it.


DTV Movies

  • Garfield's Pet Force


  • The Outrageous Origin
  • Pie-Rat's Revenge
  • K-Niner: Dog of Doom
  • Menace of the Mutanator
  • Attack of the Lethal Lizards

KaBOOM! Comics

  • Pet Force No More!
  • The Creature Stalks!
  • Pet Force Vs. The Fearsome Four!
  • The Contractor of Doom!
  • Cat-Astrophe In The Cosmos!
  • The Fearsome Four Strike Back!


  • Unlike the rest of the Pet Force (Who are big and muscular), Abnermal is the only one that has the same body size as their regular counterpart
  • Abnermal is one of the only members of the Pet Force who got used to their powers and was incredibly excited to be a superhero
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