Not to be confused with Abigail the car from Garfield and Friends.

Abigail Cauldron (voiced by Laraine Newman) is Mrs. Cauldron's niece and Winona's cousin. She attends Witch School with Winona as her teacher.


Abigail has blonde hair and green eyes.

On Earth, she wears a pink long-sleeve shirt with a lighter toned pink heart in the middle and at the sides of the arms. She wears a buttermilk coloured skirt and also has a pink bow at the side of her head.

In the Netherworld, she wears a purple witch hat with a matching robe.


Abigail is a mischievous little girl, but is also a very insecure and friendly person, who just wants to be accepted for who she is. At first, she doesn’t like Garfield, but warms up to him when he helps her stop Vacirella from turning all the humans into frogs.

Epsiode Appearances

The Garfield Show

Season 4


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