Not to be confused with Abigail Cauldron from The Garfield Show.

Abigail (voiced by June Foray) was a car who fell in love with Jon Arbuckle in the Garfield and Friends episode, Rolling Romance.

Physical Appearance

Abigail is a light pink sedan, with dark pink seats and dark blue headlights as well as a computerized voice.


Abigail is originally shown to be lovesick, falling in love with every male owner of the car. This leads to the car insulting the owner's dates. She is also shown to be depressed after Steve left her for a "glamorous" job.


Rolling Romance

Before the episode's main plot, Abigail was in love with "Steve", who leaves her for a "glamorous" job. Afterward, a man buys the car before quickly selling it to Mad Man Murray, claiming that it had fallen in love with him. In the episode's story, Jon Arbuckle destroys his car accidentally after Garfield tries to change the television's channel using the garage remote. A Mad Man Murray advertisement soon plays after which prompts Jon to buy a new car. Murray convinces Arbuckle to buy the sedan, which he does. Mad Man then reveals that the car has a computerized voice, leading the car to point out several mistakes Jon has made, such as not wearing a seat belt and leaving the door open. After the trio return home, Jon compliments the car, but doesn't hear the car compliment him back.

In the nighttime, Jon takes his date Marsha to a diner in the car. While on their date, Abigail begins to insult Marsha, claiming the woman dyes her hair, and that her dress is ugly. Marsha leaves Arbuckle in anger, before the latter assumes something is wrong with the car. Quickly after, Abigail begins to express her love for Jon, making him run in fear. After returning home, Jon tries to hide in his bedroom, but is confronted by the car. Jon again tries to escape by hiding up a lamp pole, before Garfield fixes the situation by claiming that their love wouldn't work due to their differences.

Abigail then reveals to the trio that she has a true love: Steve, who has a commanding voice as well as a authoritative presence. Arbuckle questions what to do, before Garfield reveals his solution to reunite Abigail with her original love. Jon and his pets soon arrive at the municipal airport, before Abigail identifies Steve's voice from the PA system. While Abigail and Steve share a reunion, Jon is taken away by security for illegally parking.


Garfield and Friends

Season 4

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