A Vacation From His Senses is the season six premiere of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield and Odie try to get out of going on vacation with Jon.


Odie wakes Garfield up to warn him about something. After Garfield realizes that Jon is planning their next vacation, they try to run and hide so Jon will not find them. Jon finds them despite their best effort. They try to think of a way to get out of Jon taking them on this trip.

The cartoon stops briefly for a special bulletin. Garfield takes the time to tell the viewers just how bad Jon is at planning vacations. Among the incidents that have occurred are entering a tunnel one day and leaving it the next, stopping to see a giant ball of dental floss, getting trapped in a roach infested hotel, staying at a crowded beach, and getting lost to the point of ending up in an area with local penguins rather than Florida. Garfield then resumes the cartoon.

Getting an idea, Garfield takes Odie to a video store where they find a self help video on the problems of taking a vacation. Just as Jon finishes packing, Garfield turns on the video and a doctor explains how wasteful a vacation is, and that it could be better used for more meaningful tasks. Jon becomes inspired to do more important things in lieu of a vacation. At first, Garfield and Odie are elated that their plan worked; they quickly regret it as Jon is doing chores around the house and getting them to help him. Garfield overhears the doctor on the video cautioning that overworking can cause mental problems; in such a case, a vacation would be warranted. This gives Garfield an idea.

To get Jon to believe he has gone crazy, Garfield repaints the living room to look surreal, then has Odie and himself doing unusual things. The plan works, as Jon declares that he truly does need a vacation and packs his things. Garfield and Odie no longer worry about working, as they feel a vacation with Jon is better than working non-stop.

Jon takes his pets to see the third biggest ball of gum wrappers, giving Garfield second thoughts.


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Cultural References

  • While showing the slide of the crowded beach, Garfield comments, "Everytime I look at this shot, I get the urge to find Waldo."

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