A Tall Tale is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Nermal tells his version of Paul Bunyan stories by the director's request. Garfield is unimpressed by the story.


While Garfield is sleeping, Nermal sneaks in to get something from the fridge. A new alarm system goes off and wakes Garfield up. Nermal explains to Garfield that he is on the show to tell a story, which the network executives have requested. If Garfield refuses, the show will be canceled. Garfield acquiesces and lets Nermal tell the story.

Nermal states that this is based on true events. The tale is about Paul Bunyan (portrayed by Jon) and his big blue cat (portrayed by Garfield). Long story short, the many lumberjacks and villagers worked as hard as they could to feed the cat, and the cat's lifestyle was much like Garfield's. Garfield stops the story and states how preposterous it is. The executive tells Nermal that because his story makes no sense, the viewership has plummeted and he is no longer allowed on the show. Garfield then gives Nermal word of a new show starting in Studio 7 that he could star in. Nermal heads over to Studio 7, where it turns out the show is about dinosaurs walking among the Earth.


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