A Mildly Mental Mix-Up is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Wade gets professional help while the wolf plots to steal the farm's chickens.


Roy and Sheldon are arguing about something and Orson asks what it is. Roy thinks Wade would be afraid of a caraway seed, while Sheldon says that even Wade would not be scared of anything as simple as that. Roy summons Wade and asks him if he has seen a kaiser roll. This sends Wade into a panic about caraway seeds possibly being around, proving Roy's point. Orson warns them about the wolf's whereabouts and Roy goes to guard the coop.

Wade continues panicking over caraway seeds until he meets a therapist named Edward R. Furrow. He takes Roy to a therapy sofa so he can explain his fears. Wade is fearful enough to lay under the sofa instead of on it.

As Roy guards the coop, the wolf appears, dressed as a game show host, and offers him a trip to Fiji. He asks Roy three questions, rigging them to allow him to win easily. The wolf gives Roy the tickets and sees him off to Fiji. The wolf then heads into the chicken coop without resistance. After Roy tells Orson about his "trip", Orson stops Roy and reminds him about guarding the chickens. They run back to the coop and find that the wolf has already took them.

Wade continues his session while naming things he is afraid of until he notices the wolf passing by. As he tries to regress back to his childhood, he quietly leaves, with Sheldon taking his place. Wade then hides in a trash can; when Orson sees him in there, he points Orson in the wolf's direction. Orson catches up with him and gives chase.

As Sheldon goes into a session with Edward, the wolf crashes into the sofa, which goes downhill and crashes off-screen. The chickens are set free, while Roy laments about not going to Fiji. Wade claims the therapy has changed him, as he is now afraid of sofas.


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