A Little Time Off is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Lanolin has been overworked and crabby lately, so Orson tries to get her to take a pretend vacation.


Lanolin is in a bad mood and yells at the other animals who get in her way. The other animals talk to Orson about this and he figures he knows what is wrong with her. He feels that she is not appreciated and needs a little time off. Orson thus plans to take her on a pretend vacation. Wade does not want to go, but changes his mind when he is nominated for weasel watch.

Bo drags Lanolin onto the vacation while the weasel sneaks on the farm dressed as a rock. Lanolin insists that she watch for the weasel, with Bo assuring her that Roy and Sheldon will be doing that. They pretend that they are in a spaceship cruising the galaxy and enjoying the view of the cosmos. Lanolin ruins the fantasy with her realism. They then act like cavemen in prehistoric times. They go on a hunt, see the first cave folks making the first tools, and Lanolin ruins the fantasy again. Orson refuses to give up.

While Bo and Sheldon look out for the weasel, Sheldon notices his disguise and the weasel lassos him and Roy and ties them up and gets away with the chickens. Orson talks to Lanolin and explains why he did what he did with her and apologizes for getting in the way. The other animals continue their little fantasy adventure and switch to a cowboy western style. They hear the bank being robbed and see the weasel looking like a robber, when in reality, he had stolen the chickens from the coop. Although they cannot stop him, Lanolin rides in and hogties the weasel into submission. She tells them that she learned how to do that in the imaginative wild west they made up and will now give the fantasy a shot.


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