Kid Mouse: Let me go in and get some food, ma! I can do it! Mother Mouse: No Riff, there might be a cat in this house. Riff: Haha, cat? Bring'em on! I'll pulverate him! I'll jump rope on his whiskers! Riff's Mother: Listen to your mother! Wait out here while I get dinner. Riff: If there's a cat, call me and I'll mop up the place up with him!

Garfield: Time for my 3:27 cookie break. Riff's Mother: A cat! Garfield: Hope there's some ginger snaps left! This one feels a little stale, I'll leave it for Odie. Mmmmm, we're talking cookie here! Wait, I don't want the rest of them to get stale.

Riff: Something's wrong! Ma needs me!

Garfield: *Humming.* Riff: Ma...? *Gasp* Garfield: Boy, can I make a sandwich! Riff: MA! Garfield: This sandwich was such a work of art, I should have signed it. Riff: Don't worry, ma! I'll save ya! [Riff runs up to Garfield's tail and bites down on it.] Garfield: YeeeaOOOWWW! Riff: You are in big trouble, cat! You put my mudder in a sandwich! Garfield: Your "mudder" is tuna salad? Riff: Well you got her here somewhere! Where is she!? Garfield: What would I want with a mouse? Riff: Cats eats mice! Garfield: Eats mice? Fat. Why would anyone want to "eats" mice when there's lasagna in the world? Riff: It ain't gonna work, cat! You've got my mudder and I ain't leaving till I find her!

Jon Arbuckle: Garfield, where's the mouse?


Jon Arbuckle: It's part of my new computer and- I don't know. I don't ask. I'm just worth it.

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