A Jarring Experience is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


A mouse's mother gets stuck in the cookie jar, and he blames Garfield.


A mouse named Riff wants to go into the house and bring back food. His mother tells him to stay out in case there is a cat around and goes in herself. Garfield goes to the kitchen to get a cookie; Riff's mother notices him and falls into the cookie jar. Garfield eats a cookie and closes the lid, unaware of the mouse that he trapped in there.

Riff starts to get worried about his mother and goes in to find her. He sees Garfield making a sandwich and thinks he is using his mom as an ingredient. Garfield tells him that he did not put his mother in a sandwich; Riff informs Garfield that he will keep harassing him until he confesses his mother's whereabouts.

Garfield is reading an issue of Power Pig until Riff cuts up a hole in one of the panels, demanding his mother back. Garfield then takes a nap in a hammock. He has a dream where voices are constantly chanting "Where is the mouse?" to which Garfield keeps replying he does not know. It turns out that Riff is using a jack to lift Garfield up into the air as torture. When Garfield reiterates what he has told him, he calls in Max, a muscular mouse.

Max walks up to Garfield and warns him that he will get rough if he does not tell him Riff's mother's location. With nowhere to run, Garfield requests one last cookie and pulls out Riff's mother. Riff's mother explains what happened and Riff and Max apologize to Garfield for what they did to him, and he forgives them due to the plot telling them to act that way.

Jon is working on his new computer and asks Garfield where the mouse is. Hearing that again, Garfield panics, unaware that Jon meant the mouse that he uses for the computer.


Main characters

Major characters

Minor Characters

  • Voices in Garfield's dream (voiced by June Foray and Neil Ross)
  • Jon Arbuckle (cameo)


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