20 Years & Still Kicking!: Garfield's Twentieth Anniversary Collection is a book published in commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of Garfield. The majority of the book is devoted to highlights from the strip's first two decades, with commentary from Jim Davis. It includes a countdown of twenty of Davis's personal favorites (listed in the order they were originally published). Five thousand leather bound copies were published by Easton Press and were personally signed by Jim Davis himself.



"Laugh along with Garfield and the gang in this timely tribute to the world's feistiest--and funniest--feline! Inside you'll find:

  • Jim Davis' Top Twenty All-Time Favorite Strips!
  • Foreword by Mike Peters!
  • Exclusive 20th Anniversary Interview with Garfield!
  • A Rare Glimpse Inside Jim Davis' Original Sketchbook!
  • A Heaping Helping of Classic Garfield Strips!
  • Doodles, Trivia, Anecdotes!
  • Embarrassing Photos!

It's nothing less than a milestone for Garfield and a must-have collection for every fat cat fanatic!"


  • In the segment showcasing Garfield's birthday strips, an alternate strip is shown for 1998 (which had not yet run at the time of the book's publication).
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